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See the impact across the entire life cycle of your products

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Pull from our robust database, comprising thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies alongside our primary research

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Frequently asked questions

What is Foodsteps?

Foodsteps is a UK based food-tech startup which offers data and communication solutions for food businesses looking to measure, report, reduce and communicate their food’s environmental impact.

Does Foodsteps offer carbon labels?

Yes, we do. Carbon labels are available to customers on our Premium tier and above. Our labels help communicate the carbon rating from A-E to your customers. Perfect for putting on packaging, educational materials and marketing campaigns. This rating is based off our peer reviewed database and robust methodology.

How much does Foodsteps cost beyond the free tier?

Foodsteps offers a range of pricing options to suit your business. Have a look at our pricing page for more details.

Our free plan allows you to get started with up to five recipes. If you are interested in measuring more recipes you’ll be best off using our Basic or Premium tiers, which can be customised to suit your recipe requirements. If you’re a large company looking for a more bespoke solution, get in touch with our Onboarding Manager, Catherine, to find out if our Enterprise plan is right for your business.

Why should I use Foodsteps to measure and reduce my impact?

Foodsteps methodology is built in collaboration with world-leading food impact peers and experts. All our work is focused on making your impact rating and data easy to understand, through our accessible platform.

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