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By Andrew Stephen

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In February 2023, we made access to our platform free for all food companies. We invite you to explore the platform and your food impact data. Here’s a bit of context as to why, what this means for you, and what we hope happens next. We’ve spelt out two valuable questions we think every food business needs to answer and how we can help.

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Why is this conversation important?

The food that we grow, cook, serve and eat is, over the course of our lives, our most fundamental impact on the natural world, for good (or mostly) bad. We urgently need to decarbonise our food choices, and this can’t happen without food businesses leading the way. 

What’s now possible?

You’ll find plenty of sales materials elsewhere on this website, so if you haven’t already - do click around to get a flavour for what our platform does.

You can now sign up for free and explore the impact of up to 5 recipes or food items.
You will be able to see the footprint of the items, and understand how that is made up, ingredient by ingredient. You’ll also be able to see the relative impact of different stages of the life cycle of the food time, from farm to fork.

Whether you’re in food development, marketing or supply chain, we invite you to ask yourself two questions, and find the answer with Foodsteps:

What’s the climate impact of my best-selling recipe? and which tweaks would have the most impact?
As a food business, the single most impactful action you can take for the planet is to reduce the footprint of your best-selling dish (so long as it still sells.) Why not upload your 2-3 top-selling dishes and use this to start having these conversations?
You can duplicate and edit the recipes to swap in and out ingredients and quantities in seconds.
Do any of my current recipes align with the planetary boundaries?
What a question! Items rated A on our platform have a co2e intensity that aligns with what we can all eat every day without the food system straining at the belt buckle of the Paris Agreement for 1.5. It’s a tough target, but for businesses considering climate and nature-positive messaging as a brand, being confident that your food items sit within this boundary is a pretty good idea. So why not try? Throw 1 or 2 of your greenest dishes at us and see how they stack up. Whatever your questions, as well as giving you access to this data, we’ve also opened up our community platform, which is there to help you build a plan for climate action.

What's next?

We think a world in which every food business can do these things is one in which the necessary changes become more likely. For businesses that want to go further, we’ve made it simple to upgrade your subscription, adding more recipes, and more detail to the assessments. Depending on your products, we’ll need to ask you a few more questions before you can download Foodsteps carbon labels (for example packaging detail for things sold in packaging) but we’ve made that process simple and you’ll be able to see what this additional data is on our community platform before you have to pop in any card details.

So pick a question, make a low-carbon hot drink, and spend 30 minutes on what matters most. Get started today for free, and let us know what you think.

Join the companies who already use Foodsteps@ to measure, report and reduce their environmental impact.