CH&CO Group: Developing low-carbon menus and engaging with key supply chain stakeholders

Sophie StevensSophie Stevens

By Sophie Stevens

Case Studies
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CH&CO has joined forces with Foodsteps to embark on their journey towards achieving net zero emissions. Together, we are developing sustainable menus that are low in carbon footprint and are actively engaging with both employees and end customers to promote their shared environmental goals.

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"Our partnership with Foodsteps gives us the tools to support our creative food teams to develop delicious low carbon menus and helps on our journey to net zero.” Clare Clark, Head of Sustainability - CH&CO

Outcomes and Objectives

  • We assessed the 500 recipes in CH&CO's Central Recipe Bank, providing a definitive resource to help their food development teams decarbonise recipes.
  • Our data analysts performed detailed life cycle assessments for key CH&CO clients such as BUPA's coffee offering and the Kew Gardens cafés to inform ingredient sourcing and detailed recipe design.
  • Our software and Customer Support Team created carbon labels and educational materials for use on CH&CO sites, such as UCL's cafeteria menus, to influence consumer behaviour.
  • We created bespoke training and workshops for CH&CO chefs and other staff to upskill employees on low-carbon menu creation including participation in CH&CO’s Chef Sustainability Day.

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