Coco di Mama: educating quick service customers on low-carbon meals and alternatives

Sophie StevensSophie Stevens

By Sophie Stevens

Case Studies
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Coco di Mama partnered with Foodsteps to perform impact assessments, enhancing the sustainability of their food offerings, and effectively communicating this commitment to their customers through carbon labels.

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“We're really grateful to have a reliable set of carbon footprint data which helps us make even better decisions on our menu development to reduce our company carbon impact, and help inform our customers how their everyday decisions can have a better impact. I'm proud that over 50% of our recipes are Low or Very Low Carbon, and we have a tool to help us keep improving this number. Sara McKennedy, Commercial Brand Director - Coco di Mama
Carbon rating labels are also being used at point of sale signage and within Cocos grab and go fridges.

Outcomes and Objectives

  • Coco di Mama has integrated carbon rating labels into their online menu to educate and inspire customers to adopt low-carbon choices.
  • Foodsteps conducted an analysis of the carbon impact of 500 recipes and is currently conducting decarbonisation workshops for the Coco Di Mama team, providing them with tools and strategies to enhance food sustainability.
  • A new pilot program for restaurant menu labelling, in collaboration with Cambridge University, is set to launch in Spring 2023.
  • Foodsteps helped bolster Coco di Mama's green claims code compliance incorporating QR codes provided by Foodsteps, which direct customers to online evidence of thorough impact assessments.
Coco made good use of table talkers to educate customers on low carbon options.

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