Lettice Events: Communicating sustainable menus confidently with event caterers

Sophie StevensSophie Stevens

By Sophie Stevens

Case Studies
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Lettice Events, an award winning sustainable catering company, has teamed up with Foodsteps to assess the carbon impact of their recipes. This collaboration has empowered Lettice Events to gain a comprehensive understanding of their emissions, identify areas for improvement, and effectively communicate confidently with their climate-conscious clients.

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"Our partnership with Foodsteps supports our reputation as the leading luxury sustainable caterer and we’ve had great feedback from our clients, who love learning about the carbon footprint of our dishes." Holly Congdon, Director - Lettice Events

Outcomes and Objectives

  • Foodsteps assesses the carbon impact of Lettice Events' recipes to help them understand where their emissions are coming from, how best to reduce them, and how to communicate this to their clients.
  • Lettice uses Foodsteps to assess their recipes during development, helping them compare emissions and build more sustainable menus.
  • The carbon footprint information provided by Foodsteps gives Lettice the confidence to speak about the sustainability credentials of their menus during sales conversations.
  • Lettice Events won the Marie Claire Best Sustainable Wedding Caterer Award for their work on understanding carbon emissions with Foodsteps.

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