University College London to Launch Foodsteps Carbon Labels

Anya DohertyAnya Doherty

By Anya Doherty

CEO and Founder of Foodsteps
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University College London caterers CH&Co will add to their existing carbon label portfolio with Foodsteps by launching more labels for their hot menu and salad bar. The extension comes after Foodsteps worked with UCL caterers CH&Co to launch carbon labels for the student coffee bar and pizza menu in January 2021.

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From September 2021, UCL will start showing the carbon footprint labels in CH&Co outlets on their hot menu items and salad bar.

The work follows a recent trend across university catering to adopt carbon labelling of food items, including work undertaken by Foodsteps with the University of Bristol. Growing concern from the student population about the impacts of climate change and the ecological crisis has encouraged university staff and contractors to implement environmental labelling.

Furthermore, many institutions like UCL have committed to an ambitious Net Zero by 2030 carbon reduction target, meaning they have a need to start taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Foodsteps is excited about continuing our work with the fantastic sustainability team at CH&Co and UCL. The team's commitment to pioneering new approaches to reducing their environmental impact makes it a wonderful project to be involved in. With the students returning in full force in September, we are looking forward to hearing their responses as they arrive at the Wilkins Refectory to discover more about the impacts of their food and the steps that the UCL team are taking to improve food sustainability.

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