Foodsteps Announces $4M Fundraise to Accelerate Sustainable Change

Anya DohertyAnya Doherty

By Anya Doherty

CEO and Founder of Foodsteps
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As you may have seen, we’ve just announced a $4.1M seed fundraise. ‍This is something of a personal moment for me - having founded the company 2 and a half years ago, I never imagined having the chance to build a team of 30 people to tackle a problem I've been passionate about for years. And of course, it's a recognition of the hard work the whole team have put in since the beginning, and a real marker of how far (and how fast) we have to go.

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These past 6 months have been incredibly exciting, affirming and sometimes even a bit overwhelming.  We’ve already grown the team by 50% and we’ll be doing it again in 2022. We’ve seen no shortage of restaurants, caterers, food brands, retailers and meal boxes reaching out, getting to know us and coming on board as clients.

We’re incredibly grateful to our early founding clients for their show of faith and for supporting an early-stage startup, and being part of our learning journey, that we hope can contribute at scale to positive change in our industry.

We believe that every food business can have a better impact on the planet, and we aim to make it even easier for more food businesses to demonstrably reduce the environmental impact of their food. Over the next few weeks and months, we hope you’ll see how we’re investing in making it easier for your businesses to make meaningful changes.

As a sneak peek, some of the initiatives we're most excited about are:

  • Connecting more with our customers, getting together and providing shared spaces for networking and learning (in person too!).
  • Developing our database (always a crowd pleaser) to ensure it continues to be a leading source of emissions insights you can trust.
  • Developing our platform, releasing tools that help our customers get insights more quickly, and crucially to begin to further specify and personalise their impact calculations and make their labels ever closer match for their businesses.
  • And so importantly, continuing to grow the Foodsteps team, bringing in the best and brightest people across software, data and impact focussed roles.

Our shared challenge now is to take the insights we have and apply them more broadly across the industry, and more deeply within each of our businesses.

Knowing which item on your menu or in your basket treads the most lightly on the planet won't fix the problem over night. Unless we aim to maximise the change potential within our food, we’re unlikely to meet the environmental challenge at the pace and scale required.

We’re committed to maximising the positive impact we can have, and we call on all food businesses with an ambition to be part of it to get in touch.

Join the companies who already use Foodsteps@ to measure, report and reduce their environmental impact.