On Demand: Fast Track Your Environmental Targets: a guide to measuring and lowering your foods environmental impact

Rose Scanlon-JonesRose Scanlon-Jones

By Rose Scanlon-Jones

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In this on-demand webinar, Foodsteps guides you through measuring and reducing your food's environmental impact, and setting targets. With 73% of UK consumers valuing a low carbon footprint in food products, businesses must establish and meet environmental goals. Learn best practices in this revealing webinar.

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Join us to hear from our guide for any food business looking to set climate targets, measure their impact, and reduce their overall environmental food footprint.


  • What are the basics that any food business across the supply chain needs to know before measuring and calculating impact?
  • The best tools for measuring your impact from farm-to-fork.
  • How to turn your impact data into new targets.
  • Tips for food businesses to reduce climate impact across their supply chain.

Join the companies who already use Foodsteps@ to measure, report and reduce their environmental impact.